Learning To Love You More




Assignment #21
Sculpt a bust of Steve.


Recently while working on a project in Hartford, CT I took a taxi and met Steve the taxi driver. I was headed to Real Art Ways the art center where I'm doing the project. Steve asked me where I was going and then concluded that I must be an artist. He told me that I should sculpt a bust of him. He gave me a picture of himself and told me he wanted it done that day, and then we would "party" that night. I said that I might have trouble getting it done so quickly, and then asked him how he would feel about various other people doing the bust instead of me. He said that would be fine.
The next time I went back to Hartford about a month later I took a train from NYC and missed my stop in Hartford. I got off at the next stop in a little town outside of Hartford. It was late at night and there was no one at the station. I called a local taxi company and they told me it would be about an hour before someone could pick me up. I sat down and read a book and waited. Eventually a cab pulled up and the driver got out to help me with my bags. It was Steve. He immediately recognized me and asked me about the project. I was amazed. It wasn't even his taxi company that I had called. He drove me to the place I was staying at in Hartford and along the way he told me about being a single parent. He told me that his philosophy on child rearing is to only love the child, never discipline them. He said his children were all perfect. I thought that was really nice.
So for this assignment print out a copy of Steve's picture and sculpt a bust of him. Make it roughly life size out of papier-mache or some equivalently cheap material. Sculpt and paint it as accurately as you can. I suspect that Steve will like realism best.
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Take a picture of your bust.