Learning To Love You More




Assignment #10
Make a flier of your day.

Crista Haebler



Well, I didnt have a class until 12pm today, so I didnt get up until 10:30am. The alarm was set for 10am, but who actually gets up when their alarm clock goes off the first time anyway? I climbed out of bed, took my shower, and sat at my computer for about 30 minutes before I went to my class. I decided to pack light for my class, so I only took a notebook and a pencil. It was a lecture class, so it was a little on the boring side, but it was alright. After class I went to lunch around 1:30 with my roommate and her boyfriend. I had a sandwich, mmmm, yummy. After I left the dining hall, I went to check my mailbox. I never get anything, but today I got a box! I felt so proud while I carried it back to my building. I had a smile on my face that said, Hey, I got a box. Wheres your box? It turned out to be a care package from home filled with food and other goodies. Leave it to the parents to come through for you. I did some homework and walked around town for a little bit. Sometimes I walk just to get out and away from the people I live with. Its not that I dont like the people I live with, butwell, you know. I just kind of hung around my room after that. I waited for my friend to get back from class so we could go to dinner. We left for dinner around 6pm and my friends roommate came too. We had an interesting walk on the way to dinner, but thats a completely new story. I had a cheeseburger, not really healthy, but it tasted good. The end of the meal was just as interesting as the walk, but again, that another story and Ill leave that up to your imagination. After I got back I did some more homework and I crashed around 1am.