Creating your voice recording using Apple's Quickvoice

In order to use this you must have a Macintosh computer using OS 10.1 or later with either a built-in microphone or an external microphone. You may not even know if you have a built-in microphone, so try recording first and see if something records!

1. Go to the Quickvoice page in the audio download section of Apple's website.

2. Download the Quickvoice 1.7.3 application

3. You can use the program for 10 days for free, but it's only $19.95 to buy it. Install the program and follow the instructions.

This program has a nice and easy interface, and the recording quality is pretty good. It's great for recording voice and simple music (I recorded the autoharp, an acoustic stringed instrument). What's really neat is that you can email the file by clicking on one button on the Quickvoice console. The recording, or "message" is formatted as a Quicktime movie (.mov) and it attached to your message. Make sure to go into the Preferences section to select the type of email program you use beforehand. (Yuri).