Learning To Love You More

63. Make an encouraging banner.

62. Make an educational public plaque.

61. Describe your ideal government.

60. Write a press release about an everyday event.

59. Interview someone who has experienced war.

58. Record the sound that is keeping you awake.

57. Lipsync to shy neighbor's Garth Brooks cover.

56. Make a portrait of your friend's desires.

55. Photograph a significant outfit.

54. Draw the news.

53. Give advice to yourself in the past.

52. Write the phone call you wish you could have.

51. Describe what to do with your body when you die.

50. Take a flash photo under your bed.

49. Draw a picture of your friend's friend.

48. Make the saddest song.

47. Re-enact a scene from a movie that made someone else cry.

46. Draw Raymond Carver's Cathedral.

45. Reread your favorite book from fifth grade.

44. Make a "LTLYM assignment".

43. Make an exhibition of the art in your parent's house.

42. List five events from 1984.

41. Document your bald spot.

40. Heal yourself.

39. Take a picture of your parents kissing.

38. Act out someone else's argument.

37. Write down a recent argument.

36. Grow a garden in an unexpected spot.

35. Ask your family to describe what you do.

34. Make a protest sign and protest.

33. Braid someone's hair.

32. Draw a scene from a movie that made you cry.

31. Spend time with a dying person.

30. Take a picture of strangers holding hands.

29. Make an audio recording of a choir.

28. Edit a photo album page.

27. Take a picture of the sun.

26. Design an article of clothing for Mona to crochet.

25. Make a video of someone dancing.

24. Cover the song "Don't Dream It's Over".

23. Recreate this snapshot.

22. Recreate a scene from Laura Lark's life story.

21. Sculpt a bust of Steve.

20. Take a family portrait of two families.

19. Illustrate a scene or make an object from Paul Arensmeyer's life story.

18. Recreate a poster you had as a teenager.

16. Make a paper replica of your bed.

15. Hang a windchime on a tree in a parking lot.

14. Write your life story in less than a day.

13. Recreate the moment after a crime.

12. Get a temporary tattoo of one of Morgan Rozacky's neighbors.

11. Photograph a scar and write about it.

10. Make a flier of your day.

9. Draw a constellation from someone's freckles.

8. Curate an artist's retrospective in a public place.

7. Recreate 3 minutes of a Fresh Air interview.

6. Make a poster of shadows.

5. Recreate an object from someone's past.

4. Start a lecture series.

3. Make a documentary video about a small child.

2. Make a neighborhood field recording.

1. Make a child's outfit in an adult size.

The Oliver Family Reports
Assignment #61
Describe your ideal government.

Nigel Oliver

WE, the Olivers, hereby proclaim this hypothetical government as the next great hope for humanity.
It shall consist of an executive and a legislative branch.
EXECUTIVE: Council of peers
2 biologists
2 geologists
2 physicists
2 chemists
2 computer scientists
2 economists
2 historians
2 mathematicians
2 anthropologists
2 esteemed philosophers
2 writers
2 musicians
2 visual artists
2 social workers
2 soldiers
2 engineers
2 doctors
2 park rangers
5 tribal elders
5 diplomats
4 open seats (by invitation)
LEGISLATIVE: Council of citizens
500 citizen representatives chosenat random from all certifiably saneadults. 100 are replaced each year. Random selection process is cross-referenced by age, gender and ethnicity so a diverse mix of citizensis thus represented. Any citizen may introduce a bill, but any bill is meaningless without research and consensus.
All peers of each profession hold a yearly convention where two of their own are chosen for the council. Peers can servemultiple terms, but must be productive to maintain support. The four open seats are filled with specialists by the council as need arises (global warming, space race, depression etc). Foreign policy is conducted by the peers,and approved by the citizens.
WE sincerely hope that this government shall come into being, for the sake of humanity and all other species on Earth.