Learning To Love You More




Assignment #60
Write a press release about an everyday event.

Kolkata, West Bengal INDIA



Sent to: The Statesman, The Times of India, The Pioneer
The family, which stays in our car parking!
April 03, 2007: We, me and my husband live in a multistoried apartment in a so-called plush locality. Like many other residents of the endless apartments across the globe our lives tick with the clock managing career growth and social fulfillment.
It so happened one day, I came across a little bucket full of utensils lying in one corner of our parking while we were on our way to work. Pressured by the virtues of time management, I quickly pushed it aside and thrived for the day.
A few days later, while returning home late night we saw some rags piled up at the same corner of our parking. It looked untidy and unhygienic. On top of that, my spirits were seeking a Buddha bar rather than abiding to tolerance and brotherhood. I promptly complained to the supervisor and got the rags removed.
Life went on as usual and our parking lot did not seek any undue attention for some time.
It was only yesterday, we came home in the afternoon breaking our rigid schedule of 9-9, some time stretchable, because I had a throbbing headache and needed to take my regular medicine. We were totally caught awestruck seeing the crowd in our tiny parking!
There was couple of toddlers lying on the floor, nudged in rags. Three-four men varying between the age group 16-60 and more number of women with similar diversity in age. It was like a family reunion! The elders basked in the sun where as the ladies were busy serving food. Some were feeding children and I saw one teenager even dressing up combing his hair using the glass of a motorbike parked in the adjacent parking. Some clothes were sprayed on the ground for drying and some utensils scattered here and there. I stared at them for a while. They looked so contended and stress free..feeding their babies, untangling their ruffled hair..taking a lazy nap. And all of that in an 8/8 parking lot!
I must admit, I was rather conscious of my existence. Were they aware of the constant hammering in my head?
Needless to say, we were a complete mismatch in the happy family jubilations! All of a sudden the men stood up looking guilty and sad. The women ran removing every plausible object to make way for our untimely entry.
Suddenly life seems to unfold in front of my eyes with all its color and flavor. I drifted out and away from the drudgery I subjected myself to…
Later on I learnt that this particular family hail from the suburb and spend their days multitasking for endless families residing in the complex from morning to dusk. I also learnt that life is there for living…we need to pause a while and enjoy it!
I saw a tiny red slipper in our parking today morning. Oh boy, doesn't it look cute?