Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Pasc, Washington USA



Wabi at age 6:
Go with your dad when he flies to California to take you back to Arizona for a few weeks. If you don't you wont have a meaningful conversation for the next twenty years and you will always have a hole in your heart where you will forever believe love should have been.
Wabi at age 9:
Ashley and Dana are not your best friends. And just because they call you a lesbian dosnt mean you really are one. It's okay to be a tomboy. Its also okay to wear green pantyhose!
Wabi at age 11:
You will get over the bad haircut. Just get over yourself and wear a sports bra, eventually they will be comfortable. You will remember this period of your life as some of the worst years and you will probably never return to Tennessee. Just do the time there; you'll be moving to Washington state in just one more year.
Wabi at age 13:
Do not long to wear vinyl pants, this is a trend that will be pretty short-lived and later in life you will be thankful that your mother never gave you the money for them.
Wabi at age 15:
Don't be so dramatic, high school will be over soon. Also, spend as much time with your mother as possible, she'll only be alive for another three years.
Wabi at age 18:
Your life will get better. It's going to take some hard years to get over everything. You'll always miss mom but it will get easier. In seven years you'll meet someone who will completely understand all of this and you'll find love. Just wait it out, don't drink so much and get grief counseling before you turn 22.
Wabi at age 19:
Don't date Erik. Yes, he's hot. He will actually be the most physically attractive boyfriend you will for several years but he will also be the one who hurts you the most. You will spend years praying you wont run into him at the store.
Wabi at age 21:
Hang out with Greg but don't date him. That's a big bi-polar mess you just don't want to get too involved with. He might say he wants to marry you, but remember: he's manic and this will only last for a few months before he leaves you with an enormous lease to pay for the next year. Besides, you are way too young. Trust me. You're going to be too young for several more years.
Wabi at age 23:
Don't move in with Greg. He'll only live with you for a few months and then will move back in with his mother. And why, by the way, are you dating a 25 year old who lives with his mother in the first place?
Wabi at age 24:
Be nicer to Josh. You're actually going to stick with this one. Though hasty and probably foolish, asking him to move to Portland with you (as a room mate) is a good idea. He'll end up being your roommate in the TC instead, and eventually more. Just let that one progress slowly. Your dad will end up liking him, later.
Also, stop worrying about student teaching; your master teacher is going to rock.
Wabi at age 25:
You'll live without Laura for a summer and you'll actually get closer to Terra.