Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Madison Pierce
Baytown, Texas USA



Advice to Madison Nicole Pierce at age 15
1. Dont underestimate your self. You are a strong girl and you CAN get through highschool like everybody else has without droping out.
2. That guy nick, hes not so great. You will date him until your almost 19 and that will end shortly. But dont worry there will be a better guy out there for you.
3. Pay more attention to your sisters and show them as much love as you can. Things will get tough in the future for you and them.
4. Even though you want to be tall, dont sweat it. Short is cute too.
5. Only a year more, then you will be driving. Watch out for the big oak tree in the front yard. You and it will have some run ins.
6. Even though you are doubting getting into college because you are doing so horrible in high school, you will get into college and make something of yourself.
7. In two years Papaw Joe is going to pass away. This summer go visit him in Arkansas. Dont let dad tell you not too.
8. Be strong and dont let people boss you around at school. You are your own person and be confident in yourself.
9. Even though things are rough at home with family, it will fall into place and help you out in the long run. This will make you have tough skin and make you grow up alot faster.
10. Be there for Makaela and Haleigh. They are your only sisters and they look up to you tremendously, always be there for them when they need somebody to talk to.
11. Dont go to parties. Its just not smart.
12. Dont quit that babysitting job you have. You dont need to work a real job yet. Just have fun and relax!!