Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Maria Rachel Lopes Cunha de Oliveira
Petrópolis, BRAZIL



Advice to myself at 19 years old:
1. Avoid buying useless but cute shoes in a reason 5 x 1.
2. Do not look so hard for your parental approval, since they'll dislike what you do anyway.
3. Never forget: having children and getting married are different goals. They come together sometimes, sometimes they do not.
4. You don't have to give up a person just because you think others might be better. This is a warning, not only to romantic relationships, but friends and work. There are more important things than mere comparison to evaluate them.
5. Credit is a good thing to have in theory; it's something made for you to use only on emergencies (no matter if the tv says the opposite).
6. Don't expect too much from yourself. Expect only the best you can be in each thing.
7. Try to do one thing at a time instead of thinking about the 10 other things you should be doing.
8. Kind of get lost more times.
9. Experience Ella, Chet Baker e Velvet Underground asap.
10. Do NOT start smoking.
11. Travel as much as you can.
12. Wear more dresses.
13. Spend at least an entire day with your grandfather doing whatever pleases him, even if it means going to a mess. Do the same to your godfather (Remember to take pictures).
14. Start to have one or two drinks once in a while.
15. Learn to relax or meditate.
16. Try to get a masters before you really have to work to pay bills. You have time and no need for big money now. Masters degrees and bills to pay are incompatible.
17. Take more pictures; of you, of your family, of your pets.
18. Make a diary of precious moments; or a scrapbook.
19. Have an organized agenda of your contacts and update it once in a while.
20. Start a savings account.