Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Brooke Manning
Toronto, Ontario CANADA



Advice for Brooke at age 6: Do NOT follow her into the bathroom.
Advice for Brooke at age 7: You are not here for the miniature sandwiches, as exciting as they may seem. Pay attention when people tell you that he is never coming back.
Advice for Brooke at age 10: Don't blow things out of proportion. She is a really good friend, and you are being an idiot.
Advice for Brooke at age 14: Do whatever you need to do to just run away. Don't be afraid to physically hurt him.
Advice for Brooke at age 17: He will absolutely break your heart, and then ask for the pieces again when you are much older.
Advice for Brooke at age 19: Call him more. Like, a whole lot.
Advice for Brooke at age 20: When you go home to see your mum, visit your Papa. Do not tell your mum to tell him that you never came home (even though you are up to your ears in school work). This will be the last chance you have to see him, and you will regret it your entire life if you don't.
Advice for Brooke at age 21: Don't be overly nice to her. Don't compromise your will, your opinions, your thoughts, your character, for her. Just don't get too deep. Don't agree with everything she says just because you can't stand to be mean. Have some backbone. If you don't, she will continue to hurt others in inconceivable ways for no apparent reason. She will manipulate you, and others, and she will never be accepting of other people for who they really are. She will hurt you so badly and will probably never feel remorse. You will worry about the ones she's hurting. So much so that it will consume you when you are 23. Believe your friends when they tell you she is toxic.
Advice to Brooke at age 23: Just stop it already. He really really loves you.
Advice to Brooke at age 24: Know that this is it.