Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Briony Kite
Seattle, Washington USA



Advice to Briony Kite at ages 15-18
1. Grasp the significance of friendship. There are so many phenomenal individuals who adore you. Recognize them, and love them. Hold them close to your heart and never let them go. If you don't, you'll miss them tremendously in a few years and find yourself immensely lonely.
2. Don't kiss Rich on the beach. I know that it's your first kiss, but you know that you two aren't compatible. The thing you discern as love is really the jitters and adrenaline. If you kiss him, you will step on a track that will eventually lead you to breaking his heart. Do not take his heart of gold in your hand, because you're too immature to handle it. He deserves someone to love him back absolutely.
3. Only try mushrooms once. If you try them the second, third, fourth, and fifth time, you will get extraordinarily sick and endure the most traumatic incident of your young life. And, while we're on this subject, don't smoke pot over and over again. You'll get bloated, ill, and that shine will disappear from your eyes.
4. Know that you are beautiful. I promise you are. Stop dieting, and stop looking at yourself in the mirror. Everyone thinks that you are gorgeous just the way you are, and that's the real truth.
5. Know that Mom and Dad aren't bad. They love you, and they're just children at heart. They're frightened and broken, and they yell at you often because of their own personal fears. Forgive them now. If you don't, the resentment will accumulate in your heart, and the anger will kill the love you have for your loved ones and yourself in the future.
6. Do not say goodbye to God.