Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Jeanna D.
Kansas City, Missouri USA



Advive to Jeanna at age 9.
1. Don't be such a brat to your mom. I realize that you are 9 and going through that whole "I hate my parents phase" but try show some gratitude. You will lose her soon.
Advice for Jeanna at age 13
1. Don't put so much faith in your dad - he will only let you down. Accept now that he will not be coming to get you. Don't hate him for it. One day you will understand that being a father is just not something he was capable of.
Advice for Jeanna at age 16
1. Jesus! Give John and MaryAnn a break! Stop being such a troublemaker and pulling this angst ridden teenage bullshit. They are the best things that could have happened to you.
2. Don't get so mad at MaryAnn for accidentally recording a Lifetime movie over the video of you and your parents at Disney Land. It was an honest mistake - the tape wasn't labeled very well anyway. Remember that she misses her to.
Advice to Jeanna at age 20
1. Realize what a great husband Louis is. Forgive his "undesirable" qualities and lack of motivation. Yes, he plays video games WAY more than anyone ever should and at times says / does childish and gross things. But he loves you more than you could ever know and you will always regret breaking his heart.