Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Ms. Crackers
Ottawa, Ontario CANADA



Advice to Ms. Crackers at Age 16:
1. Your heart is about to be trampled again and again. Have some dignity, don't drink as much as you want to, and try to realize that if he doesn't want you, then he doesn't deserve to have you. It's a difficult lesson, but trust me on this one.
2. On a similar note, being slutty won't make life any easier for you, either. That includes all of the things you would have people believe to be true.
3. Realize how grateful you are to your friends right now. They may be messed up, but at least their being messed up puts your being messed up in perspective. They ARE good friends.
4. Your favourite teacher is going to die in a few years. Take this opportunity to learn from him, rather than being a curmudgeon who makes a point of being difficult. He's offered you a lot, remember that. Don't puss out on the wall murals, either. Do a good job, they'll be hanging in the foyer at school for a long, long time.
5. As much as you might be willing to sacrifice in order to keep that first point from happening, don't. I've seen what he looks like down the road, and you will be happy that you dodged that bullet. You're going to be happier with the alternative, even if you do get wistful every now and then.
6. Learn about budgeting now, you make your parents go through a lot when you go away to school. Consider saving some of your money, you know the amount you'll save when you don't drink or do as many drugs (because I said not to in the first point).
7. Your parents will be splitting up in a few years, just like you've always imagined. Your relationship with your mother will get better when the pressure is off, and your relationship with your father will be tested again and again. You will need to be the grown-up in both situations. Nothing needs to change in order to make this happen, but you need to be prepared for it. So does your phone bill.
8. Don't even start smoking. I know you're going to, simply because you're trying to be bad-ass, but it's not worth the hours of feeling sick in the guidance office, simply to appear as stupid as you do. Your body will be going through enough in the next little while, give it some slack.
9. Your life isn't that bad. It all seems to start working out in the end. Keep a clear mind, learn a lot, and know that you will be OK. It might suck now, but it'll all be OK.