Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Alison C.
Halifax, Nova Scotia CANADA



Alison at age 14.
1. Don't fall under Anna's manipulative spell. She may make you feel really good about yourself and you may feel strangely close to her, even though you only knew her for a few months, but really, you aren't that close and she's should not become your best friend.
2. When she rated you and all your friends on how hot you all were out of a 10 and she gave all your friends 1, 2 and 3's and gave you and Sophia 10's, you should have stuck up for your friends and told her off. Sadly you felt good, because she gave you a "high rating."
3. Tell Sophia, that she should tell Anna that she has no right to tough her like that.
4. Tell Sophia that she is getting false confidence from Anna.
Alison at age 15.
5. In the summer, don't hang out with Anna all the time alone. You'll get attached and think you're attracted to her.
6. Don't think that she is "more" than your "best friend."
7. In grade 10, don't start dressing to the emo fad. It's not you. Don't wear so much make-up either.
8. At new years, don't kiss Anna in the kitchen in secret.
9. When Anna tells you to tell nasty things to your mothers face, don't think she is right. You're mother isn't going to get better that way.
10. Keep an eye out when Anna's at your house. Make sure she does not put any type of envelope under your Mother's pillow. This is very serious. It will lead to getting the law involved.
Alison at age 16.
11. Starting now you should have told your mother how you really feel about her being an alcoholic, but in a calm and mature way.
12. When Anna starts saying that you're "good for nothing" and that you act like a 4 year, that's when you should tell her to leave you alone and you should never speak with her again. She's is not worth it at all.
Alison at age 17.
13. Good choice on breaking up with her for the 10th and final time. Don't let Anna continue to say "I love you" to you, over emails. It will hurt your heart.
14. Good choices in grade 11. It was a good year.
15. In grade 12, when you have finally gotten out of your recovery year, you should spend more time doing the things you love and don't be afraid to speak your mind.
16. When your parents separate, make sure to spend more time with your father. You will lose touch with him otherwise.