Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Houston, Texas USA



Me: Hello
JMP: Oh, Sandraaaaa
Me: Yes
JMP: I want to talk to you, actually I'm ready to see you. Are you up for that?
Me: Yeah
JMP: I know it's been ridiculous for me to not have responded to your two thousand e-mails, but God, Sandra, what could I say?
Me: I understand Jim, I always have understood. I was foolish to keep writing you. I just had to get all those thoughts out of my mind. It was driving me insane. Surely you could tell that by my continuing to write you, when you never would respond.
JMP: Yes I do think I understand, more than you know. Remember, Sandra, I know where your power is. So tell me, are you still sober?
Me: Yes. Are you?
JIM: Yes, by God.
Me: Cross your heart?
JIM: In deed.
Sandra: Do you think about me, wonder about me, pray for me? Do you wonder what I look like?
JIM: Yes.
Sandra: I'm so glad we are finally talking, good God, I thought it would never happen. Can you, will you trust me now? Can we have a clean slate? Start out slow? Or should we jump right in? Can I hold the finest hand I've ever held again?
JIM: Yes. Remember that saying you taught me, " Just say YES" ? I am saying it now. Sandra, I am 71 years old now.
Sandra: Yes, and fell in love with you when I was 13 and you were 34. I am almost 50.
JIM: Will you come see me on Saturday, like you used to?
Sandra: Of course.