Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Michelle Minick
Buffalo, New York USA



:: "Stellar" by Incubus rings out of the phone::
Justin: So. You wanted me to call. So I did. What do you want?
Me: I know you have no reason to even listen to me, let alone believe what I say. But please, just hear me out.
J: Fine.
M: We were both young and it's ridiculous for both of us to continue to dwell on this. I know you said that you were trying to forge me, but I know you haven't if you've called. So let's just end this. I'm-
J: This has all been said before! More than once. There isn't any reason to go over it again.
M: Then why did you call? You can't still love me.
J: Maybe. Or maybe I want to try to forget about you and I can't. Maybe I want resolution too.
M: Then shut up and let me finish. We were both young fools. Three years have passed Justin! Both of us need to get on with our lives. Again, for the final time, I admit, I used you, and it was wrong and cruel. And here is what I must say-it's over. Because there is nothing romantic between us. There never really was on my end. We could have been amazing friends-and that's it. It's a shame that we still can't be friends. But there's two problems with that-one, I screwed up any chance of that and two, you always want more. I'll even admit-I miss you Justin. But I have to leave behind my "what-if's" if I'm to be happy with Joe. And for the final time-I'm sorry about what I did to you. But I'm a different person now and I can't continue to dwell on the past.
J: Is that it?
M: Don't dwell on me. Don't love me- But don't exactly forget me either. Remember that we did have good time and strive for those with someone else. I'm sure that there will be someone else. And hopefully this time, all I've said will have gotten through to you.
J: Goodnight. No, goodbye, because this time it is forever. You are never to contact me again.
M: That's alright. I think I'm finally done if just an inkling of what I've said might have gotten through to you. Goodbye, Justin.
J: Goodbye, Snowflake... no, Michelle.
M: Bye.