Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Gorana Jovanovic
Belgrade, SERBIA



Me: Halo?
Thom Yorke: Hello?
Me: Ko je to?
Thom Yorke: Sorry, do you speak English?
Me: I do... Who is that?
Thom Yorke: It's Thom Yorke.
Me: I didn't hear you... Thom who?
Thom Yorke: Thom Yorke.
Me: Thom Yorke you say...? Thom Yorke of Radiohead?
Thom Yorke: Yes, that's right.
Me: Ok, "Thom Yorke", why don't you go fuck yourself and stop wasting my time!
Thom Yorke: Exuse me?
Me: You heard me!
Thom Yorke: Maybe I got the wrong number, I was told someone on this number wanted to talk to me... Sorry, my mistake, I'll try again.
Me: Wait, what number did you dial?
Thom Yorke: **********
Me: Well, that is my number, but I want you to cut the bullshit and tell me who you really are and what you want?
Thom Yorke: Like I said. I'm Thom Yorke, and I was told you wanted to talk to me.
Me: Is it April the 1st, already?? Who told you that?
Thom Yorke: A mutual friend.
Me: I don't think I know any of Thom Yorke's friends... None of my friends are famous...
Thom Yorke: Mine, neither.
Me: Yeah, sure.....
Thom Yorke: So what did you want to talk to me about?
Me: If you are really Thom Yorke, prove it.
Thom Yorke: How?
Me: I dunno... Thom Yorke is a genious, if you were him, you'd find the way.
Thom Yorke: Well... we can meet, then you'll believe me.
Me: HAHAHAHAHAHA, you think I would meet with someone who just calls me up and pretends to be Thom Yorke?? You could be a psycho, or god knows what!
Thom Yorke: Well, I can't think of a better way to make you believe I'm really who I claim to be.
Me: You could sing something...
Thom Yorke: Ok, if that's enough proof for you. What would you like me to sing?
Me: "Exit music"!
Thom Yorke: [sings it all]
Me: No shit! You really ARE Thom Yorke!
Thom Yorke: Thank you!
Me: Wait, you really want to meet with me?!
Thom Yorke: I said I do.
Me: When?
Thom Yorke: What about.... in 15 minutes? Or is that too soon for you?
Me: 15 minutes?? Wait, wait, wait? Where are you now exactly?
Thom Yorke: I'm in your neighbourhood.... I'm not sure how to pronounce the name of the street I'm in...
Me: Kneza Viseslava??
Thom Yorke: No...
Me: Blagoja Parovica??
Thom Yorke: No, not that either...
Me: Pozeska???
Thom Yorke: That's the one!
Me: I'll be there in 5!