Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Ruebi Freyja
California, USA



Me: hello?
God: hello Ruebi!
Me: who is this really? God could not actually be calling me!
God: No, I am actually calling because you have been asking me so many questions so fast and praying so hard, I decided to just give you a call.
The only problem is, I have been so inundated with questions lately, that I forgot most of the ones you asked me.
Me: Oh, well the first most biggest question I have is: what is my most sacred calling? I feel like I always dabble with everything and never focus on one thing! Is that so bad? My wildest dream is to just sing and sing and make art, but I feel like I only write sad songs and no one wants to book shows for me because my songs are too sad.
God: Well things are going to turn around for you Ruebi, you just needed to go through that little sad spell, and soon you will meet a drummer who is going to change your life and you will hardly have time to write sad songs because soon, you'll be too busy rocking. Just please don't forget about the fact that the best gigs you have ever had were at the old folks home and playing on the porch with your friends. Please also remember that your being alive is a miracle in and of itself! Its amazing that you have legs to walk with and hands to touch the ones you love so dear, and breath, sweet amazing breath that does not even try to be breath! ... you don't need to feel bad about yourself for not being recognized and rich from your art projects! All the great artists and revolutionaries endured immense amounts of pain and struggle in their lifetime and most did not get noticed until they were dead!
Picasso said some quote about how artists, are always more creative when they have limited resources, because they have to be even more inventive, and more genius. Ruebi, give yourself a hug and stop worrying about your bills! Everyone has bills! Try some meditations on abundance! Remember how lucky you are to live in a geographical location that does not contain landmines and suicide bombers! Thank your lucky stars!
Me: okay, okay god, I remember now. Just please let the funding be put back for art. Please let artists be respected more by their families and society.