Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

k del
Alberta, Ontario CANADA
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>hello?.... hey its me......(hesitates)....it's me eric...........
<(deep breathe).......eric?(still half asleep, but the sound of the caller's voice jolted me straight into full consciousness)
>i'm sorry it's late...and so unexpected. i...i.. just thought i would see
>you around while i was in town.
i didn't want it to be awkward.
>ya... i wanted to ask about you, but i didn't want to ask. i finally got
>your number from erwin. but he had to do some digging too. i don't even
>know where to start....
>a lot has happened. we probably don't even know each other anymore.
>i'm home. i wanted to call you before i left but it wasn't right.
>i was scared to see you.
>you make me feel like that skinny white kid who didn't know how to talk to
>girls, all over again.
< i loved that about you. all i saw in your eyes was pure love. you were so innocent. i was so naive, so young. but i'm so thankful you knew me then.
>this is so bizzare. i can't even believe i called you. i have an amazing
>girl.she is wonderful.
>okay. you're right. i think i just needed to hear your voice, because i was
>curious to see what you've been doing all these years.
>you can feel it. after all these years, all this distance, you can still
>feel it. don't you. do i even have to tell you?
>.....i always have these dreams, where i'm walking through this crowd, i >was bouncing this small rubber ball,and it bounced off my feet and it just >went off.i just really had to find it. so i went on my hands and knees-all
>i can see are hundreds of shoes, i can hardly see the ground.i was on my
>hands and knees for so long i forgot about the ball. then i saw feet.someone was walking bare feet! it was so weird...i crawled towards it. the feet began to run and i got up and ran to. all the people disappeared and it was just me....and you, you had no shoes on. you looked back and smiled. i screamed for you. i yelled...and you finally stopped.