Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Youngstown, Ohio USA



ME: hello dad i need to tell you something...
DAD: what is it?
ME: i still havent forgiven you for that night.
DAD: oh i thought everything was okay your mom and i are back to our old ways.
ME: no your not that night...i cant forget it. i try and i try and i try. he tells me that im okay but im not. i try to believe i am, but icant forget the way you acted the things you said. i still cant look you in the eyes. mom taught me always to forgive..my has even forgiven you. i seceretly hate her for that. it makes me sick to see her kiss you. i nearly threw up when i saw you two back with each other. how could she? after the things and the way you acted? you did it on purpose. you knew exactly what you were doing.
DAD: (heavy sigh) hmmm.........
ME: mom acts so strong and always looks like she has it all together. but that night i saw she is really just broken. you broke her, for the past 28 years you have been working to break her. that night i saw her a little girl. you WERE the devil that night. i am not being over-dramatic. i never say anything i sit and i listen while everyone else gets to yell and fight. everybody just expects me to move along and be alright. just because i dont say anything doesnt mean im ok.
DAD: you dont understand that night hurt me as much as it hurt you...im so sorry.
ME: no i cant believe that. i saw your eyes that night i saw you for who you really are. you may regret what you did now, but you knew exactly what you were doing. i really would live a better life without you in it. but then again i would never know how evil and heartless people can truly be. so thank you for that. that is the one thing you have taught me. the one thing. oh yeah and that money is everything. thank you for that as well. i hope i never see or talk to you again.
DAD: i'm sorry.