Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Emilylou Beck
Hamburg, GERMANY



TJ: Hey what's up?
Me: Mmh...nothing special I guess.
TJ: What are you doing tonight?
Me: Well it's Friday so...
TJ: Is your mum is away isn't she?
Me: Yeah,she's in Rome for the weekend.
TJ: Awesome.Can I bring some people?
Me: Who?
TJ: Just a few guys I just met at the trainstation.
Me: Do we like them?
TJ: Yeah,they're cool.
Me: Are they good looking?
TJ: Why?
Me: Just asking...
TJ: You don't care anyway if you're drunk.
Me: Fuck off!
TJ: It's true though...
Me: So what.Who cares.
TJ: I do.
Me: Since when?
TJ: I always minded you fucking complete strangers.
Me: They never were...
TJ: Oh come on!Most of them you merely meet the evening you jump into bed with them.
Me: Well none of your business.
TJ: Fucking hell it is!
Me: How is that?
TJ: I thought if I show you,that there are different guys you'll notice how destructive your behaviour is.
Me: You didn't seem to know much what's going on,when we had our...phase.
TJ: I didn't in the first place,but now I regret that I didn't make more of it.
Me: I remember us agreeing that it was just for fun.
TJ: Well it was not for me.You're too important to me.
Me: Glad to hear.Unfortunatly too late I fear.
TJ: I'm sorry I couldn't do...more for you.
Me: Stop it!I don't need to be saved.
TJ: Yes you do.
Me: Do I?Go on tell me what's endangering me?
TJ: You.
Me: God how fucking philosophical.
TJ: It's not supposed to be.Just what I think.
Me: Why should I give a shit?
TJ: Because you once said you trust me?!
Me: I did.
TJ: But you don't anymore?
Me: I dunno.
TJ: What changed?
Me: Everything.
TJ: It wasn't just fun for you either was it?
Me: With you never.
TJ: Shit.
Me: Right.
TJ: I....I don't want to...well...hmm...lose you.
Me: What makes you think you didn't already?
TJ: Hoping for the best I guess.
Me: Dunno if I can cope with the situation right now.
TJ: what do you mean?
Me: Well you fallen in love with my female best friend probably?!
TJ: Oh yeah sorry...forgot about that.
Me: Very funny.
TJ: It doesn't seem important compared.
Me: To what?
TJ: To what we have.
Me: Had.
TJ: Why are you so decisive?We can still make another decision.
Me: For example?
TJ: Well like a relationship or something.
Me: Brilliant idea!After we told each other and erveryone else that we absolutely have NO feelings for each other and it was only a one-night-stand.
TJ: Actually eight.
Me: What?
TJ: We spent eight nights with each other.
Me: Good that one of us remembers...
TJ: You don't??
Me: Oh silly!Naturally I do!Those were probably some of the best nights I ever had - with a boy.
TJ: Why did it end?
Me: Wasn't my fault.You felt that it was not ''right''.
TJ: I must have been completely out of my mind.
Me: I tried to tell me that for the last two months.
TJ: I don't know if I love you though.
Me: I'm not sure myself.
TJ: I want to see you tomorrow.
Me: Alone?
TJ: Yes.Would you come to my place?
Me: Are you at your dad's?
TJ: Yeah.
Me: Oh by the way what about tonight?
TJ: Party?
Me: Good idea!!
TJ: When shall we arrive so?
Me: Around nine?
TJ: Perfect.I'm looking forward to it!
Me: Need to get loaded!
TJ: Don't make some other guy happy!
Me: I would never!
TJ: Great.We bring the booze.Do you have cigarettes?
Me: Few.
TJ: I have money I'll bring you a pack.
Me: Okay...this is beginning to scare me!
TJ: Hahaha!See you later.
Me: Yeah right.Bye.