Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

New York, New York USA



S: Hello, it's Sasha
A: I know
S: I am calling because I'm wondering if you are ready to be friends yet...
A: No, I don't think I am ready.
S: Oh.
A: (interrupts) but I'm willing to try, I guess
S: Really?
A: I'm still the same person, I've made progress, but it's only been 5 months I've been in the program. I still don't know how to behave.
S: How's that going?
A: really good, in general everything is really good. Did you see the Dave Chappelle Block Party movie?
S: No.
A: There is a little gem in there for you.
S: There is something I want you to see too.
A: What?
S: I'll just lend it to you sometime.
A: being friends will be this big challenge for me - not falling back into old patterns...
S: What patterns?
A: You know, fixating on you, making you feel like you live under my microscope...fuck...sorry for that.
S: (sigh) Oh that...I'd like to have more separate lives but be able to be in each other's lives
A: that sounds nice...
S: (interrupts) and I'd like to be nicer to you
A: that sounds nice too...
S: nice, nicer, nice...
A: What if this doesn't work? What if I start being obsessive and your anger flares up?
S: We could take more time apart and see what happens in a few more months.
A: You want to be my friend?
S: That's why I called.
A: What about everything that happened before...so much is unresolved...
S: lets see if it can be different.
A: I put too much importance and weight on everything that happens between us. It's all too significant.
S: Can it be important but not so life-or-death? Give me more room to breath - can I get a chance to be a better friend to you.
A: You're still the same person...
S: Can you put less pressure on me?
A: I think so. I'm surprised you called...
S: I saw assignment #52
A: How embarrassing.
S: It's OK...I'd been planning to, I just wasn't sure if it was the right time.
A: I heard you moved.
S: Yeah you should come see the place sometime...
A: I heard you got robbed too.
S: Yep. (laughs) - I didn't want you to know that.
A" When Justin asked for your passport back, I thought about hiding it like in "Happy Together."
S: I thought about that movie a couple times too...
A: I figured.
S: I'll call you again in a few days. Maybe we can do something this weekend.
A: baby steps
S: OK.
A: Thanks for calling.
S: Goodnight.
A: Seriously, thank you.
S: (softly) thank you.