Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Echo Park, California USA



Me: Hello?
Raul: Hey, how's it going?
Me: Pretty good. What are you doing?
Raul: I'm at the Gallery...
Me: Oh. How is that going?
Raul: It's alright. Listen, things up here are real shitty. I don't even know what to do or think anymore. I feel like I've died a thousand times over and this girl is killing me, and she isn't you at all. Shes only nice to the people she needs to be nice to. She is a sweet talker and a manipulator and she's no good for me. Alright broad, but no good. We don't have the kind of deal that you and I have...
Me: Oh my God...I miss you too. I'm not even dating men anymore, you're the only man I want. I'm so fucking sorry for every stupid goddamn thing I've ever done. I was so young and stupid and I really really fucked up. I cry all the time and its good, because I'm growing and I'm a better person now. Really, I am...you would love me even more than you did before, and it's all because of you. Everything that is good about me currently is because of you and I treated you like shit and I'm so fucking sorry...
Raul: Hey, take it easy. It's alright...I'm ready to get out of this bullshit northern mess...
Me: You want to come and live with me for a while? I will take such good care of you, I found this website with these awesome assignments and I know you would love it. We could do them together and grow together and we can fuck up this world beautifully. I'll cook for you and we can make love every day and we can smoke weed and hang out in the park and do all the shit we use to do. Remember how much fun we've had?
Raul: Yea...pretty good times. Like when we went to see Calexico?
Me: Yea, and we went to Olvera St. and then to the park and I gave you a blowjob in the grass and we bought those bracelets...and then we snuck into VIP and we were just so fucking happy...and then the lead singer dedicated that song to me!!
Raul: Oh fuck yea, that was fucking great.
Me: We can do more of that...we have so many more adventures. Remember when we went to Disneyland and stayed in that Motel 6 and we made love in the shower and I'm the first girl you've ever showered with...
Raul: I know. I remember...
Me: We are made for each other. I swear to God we are, can we please just try it again? I'll be so good this time. I promise I promise I promise. I'll do anything. Just come and live with me for a while. I'm so ready. You'll see.
Raul: That sounds really good. I'm going to pack my bags and leave in two days. I gotta tie up some loose ends.
Me: Ok. I love you so much! I can't wait to see you...
Raul: Oh hell babygirl, I love you too.