Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Meggie Pina
Ocean Beach, California USA



Plan A
So I know this sounds really morbid and strange but my initial reaction when asked the question "What do you want done with your body after you die?" is that I want to be buried in the earth. In a forest with tall trees where the light shines through and a few natural flowers grow on the forest floor. DonÕt stress about where to burry my body because when you find the right spot it will feel right and youÕll know that this is somewhere that I would want to be. I want to be buried in the earth so that when my body decomposes I become apart of the earth again. I like to think that the happiness and love that I have experienced in my life would cause some beautiful flowers to grown atop of where I am buried. Some flowers that could be picked and smelled and bring light to someoneÕs life. When I stop to think about the legitimates of this idea I think itÕs a little challenging, at least for whomever is responsible for my burial. I mean they would have to get a hold of my body, what would they do wrapped it un in a sheet and then drive out to the forest, dig a hole and then essentially toss my body at the bottom of this hole and then burry me. Kinda heavy and intense if you ask me and I wouldnÕt want to make my death any more hurtful then it already is.
So then this bring me to plan B which is being cremated and then turned into a stone and then put into a piece of jewelry. I looked into this and found a web site that turns ones ashes into a diamond .www.lifegem.com There is lies the problem, I donÕt really want to be a diamond. I would rather be turned into a piece of turquoise or am emerald or sapphire.
Then I feel selfish, why does it matter so much what happens to my body. My ideas about heaven and hell are pretty much that they donÕt exist. I believe that when I die I will become a part of the earth. I would like to be a gust of wind that travels around the world dancing in other people hair and carrying laugher on my back. I believe that the souls of those that have dies are around us all the time. They are the rays of sunshine that warm our skin, the chill of jumping into the ocean or the calm that come over me when I walk outside the house I grew up in at night and look up at the stars.
Then here comes plan C So then I thought since I donÕt want to be a diamond, and being buried in the ground may pose some problems I would want to be cremated. I would let my parents, husband or my children decide how much of my ashes they wanted and I would want a few people to have the rest of my ashes. My sisters, Vanessa Perry, Deanna Minto, Devin Demerjian, and Ross Horton. I want each of them to write down what they learned from me in their life. Write down what I gave them, and write down what they gave me during my stay on this planet. Then I want them to think of somewhere that they think I would like to be. It could be somewhere that we spent time together or somewhere that reminds me of them and I want them to wait until a gust of wind comes and let my ashes dance in the air as they say "I made MeggieÕs life worth living, she loves me."
note to self:
add people to this list over the course of your life Meggie that you would want to have your ashes.