Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Jennifer Paul
Denton, Texas USA



First, I would like the following people specifically to be at my funeral:
Mom, Both Dad's, Mandi, Jaedyn, Bam, Aaron, Madi, Uvy, Eddie, Alex, Kate, Terry, Jimmy, Poppy, Nanny, The Kelly's, Uncle Charlie and Family, Maria, Ricardo, Elizabeth, Tyson, Gilmer, Greg, Rex.
Of course, the more the merrier. Although I may not know some as well as others, some people are included because they are upbeat, or close to the ones that I love, so they could provide some solace. I would like cards to be made out that have everyone's addresses, phone numbers, email contacts on them. That way after the funeral, everyone can keep in touch with each other if they want to. I don't want anything at a funeral parlor or depressing place. Also, I would like to be cremated right after I die, but all of my organs that can be, should be donated. The funeral should probably be a little while after I die, so that everyone can make plans. Maybe a month or so afterwards. Aaron can handle all the details with calling and making arrangements for everyone to meet.
If I die when the weather is nice, I'd like everyone to meet at Harper's Ferry on the VA, WV, MD line. I would like to have half my ashes thrown in the water, in a beautiful place that Mandi gets to pick, and the other half buried in the woods, in another beautiful place that Aaron gets to pick. I'd like them to find the places before-hand.
If it is cold when I die, I'd like everyone to meet in Marfa T.X. and spend the night looking at the mysterious Marfa Lights. Then they should travel down to Presido, then to Big Bend State Park. I'd like the same thing to be done with my ashes. Mandi to find a place that half the ashes can go to the wind or the water and Aaron to find a place to bury them on land.
Anyone can say prayers or anything that comforts them selves. I'm not picky. I would like everyone to stay in the same place though for at least one night before and after the funeral. I don't care if it's a hotel, camping, bed and breakfast, etc. I'd like everyone to hang out with each other and have some drinks, have a party. Enjoy the scenery around you, have a bonfire, eat some really good food, take a hike, and buy something to remember the time and me. Make sure to hug everyone there. I'd really like everyone to keep in touch too. Visit each other and become more involved with each other too. Appreciate and love each other.