Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Teodora Milusheva
Colonial Heights, Virginia USA



When I die, which I hope will be a peaceful event, I would like for whoever is around me at the time to know that I do NOT want to be touched for three days. Ancient Buddhist texts explain that in order for your soul to make its journey to to the "other side", your body should remain completely still for that particular period of time. After that it doesn't matter if I am going to be cremated or anything else. I do not want an expensive funeral if that is the case. The idea of being in an a fancy coffin seems ridiculous to me. It doesn't show any respect, I think that we should show respect eachother while we are still alive. An expensive funeral is a great burden for those who are left behind.(Just don't freeze me,please!)
I would also wish that all the people, that will be around me at the time of my "departure", will not cry. I believe in reincarnation and I know that only my body will disappear. I am going to a better place and I know that if I want to I can visit my loved ones, so they should be happy for me and not sad. Just don't get scared when I come to visit in a dream or something!:)
And please, do not allow these people to empty my remains and put make up on me. I do not want to see all this from above...My belongings should be given away and not sold. When I die I insist on one more thing, my most precious possesion which are the books of Beinsa Duno, to be given to somebody with true and pure heart and a real desire to learn and change their life. These books are sacred and should always be in good hands. That matters to me more that death itlsef. I do not want to fear death, I want to understand it and be prepared for it.