Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Kirby Hobley
Richmond, Texas USA



Dearest and most Beloved -
Cremate me - if Erika wants to turn me into a diamond let her.
Do not bury me.
If possible please do not let them perform an autopsy on me. It is very important and the most important of my final wishes that a stranger doesn't chop up and inspect my body once I'm dead. If I'm dead I'm dead - leave it at that and leave me alone. If someone killed me I don't care. I'm dead. It's my business no one else's - if someone got the better of me then so it is- and I'd rather their crime go unsolved than my body be so defiled by another human.
After I'm dead I only want people who I knew and loved to touch my body - as a rule of thumb if I wouldn't let them touch me when I was alive I don't wan them touching me when I'm dead. If I'm dead somewhere out of the way - eaten by an animal - fiery plane crash - or something just leave me there - if possible.
No prayers. No churches.
No announcement in the paper or anything like that.
Throw my ashes in some moving body of water. The Brazos - just for the sake of convenience - you could do it on the way to the bank.
Nothing ceremonial.
Do what you will with my belongings. If I loved you - I don't have to tell you that.