Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Dave G.
Baltimore, Maryland USA



My body should be burned when I die. I suppose I should say cremated but I donŐt really want to use that term. It seems as though it involves some sort of thickish-white-milky substance of which I want no part. So just burn my body. Take the ash, and why isnŐt there some other word for human ash remains, it seems as though there should be an additional word to use in combination with cremation, anyway, take the ash and divide it amongst the people I loved most. These people will certainly know who they are. I will make certain of this before I die. I have always tried to my live in such a way where those whom I love most know that such is the case. Perhaps some will try to obtain some of my bodily ash, but those of you in the know donŐt give in. Please, honor my wishes. After my human ash is divided up into marginally equal parts, and I could even devise a ranking system for those whom I loved but that would just cause resentment and bitterness (for some, and sweet satisfaction for others certainly), each person can do with my charred remains whatever they wish. My body ash is not my own any longer, just the wish that it get divided amongst them. I loved them, so it goes without saying that I also trust their judgment to make the best use of my human ash.