Learning To Love You More




Assignment #44
Make a "LTLYM assignment".

"Ask a stranger for help."
Meghan Tauck
Ithaca, New York USA



It could be tying your shoe, fixing your bike, a much needed hug, or holding your hand as you embark on a difficult and frightening task. It's okay if they can't or don't want to help you. no use holding a grudge against them for it. they important thing is to identify you need(s) and ASK for help from an unfamiliar party.
- - - - - - -
i suffered a panic attack on top of a hypoglycemic attack while in a small grocery store in rural massachusetts. i was alone and about to lose consciousness and had no way to call someone to come get me. it was my last effort to get help before calling 911. i went up to the deli counter in the back of the store and told the girl what was happening to me, as best i could in my current state. she couldn't help me but she told an older woman behind the counter and she came and sat with me, talked to me, got me food and tea, and even took me home with her after her shift had ended. after i got some food in me and calmed down the attack subsided and i was okay to go on my way. i am indebted to her. it was the most vulnerable and alone i have ever felt. i brought her flowers the next day. i haven't seen her since.