Learning To Love You More




Assignment #44
Make a "LTLYM assignment".

"Write an "Acknowledgements" page as a tribute to their support, as it would appear in the back of your book."
Kat M.
Jacksonville, Florida USA



Imagine you have written a book; it doesn't matter what kind, although you may pick. Think about who would have helped you write this book? Write an "Acknowledgements" page as a tribute to their support, as it would appear in the back of your book. You may wish to refer to any published book's acknowledgement page for guidance, and also change names for privacy.
I suppose I should first thank my mother and my father for giving me food, clothing and shelter throughout my life, in addition to creating me. That was pretty cool guys. Plus only the combination of New Yorker and Texan genes could create someone as weird as me.
For fostering that weirdness, credit goes to the first combination of those genes, my one and only sibling, A. I'm sorry my crawling years were boring for you, but aren't you glad you didn't trade me for a "fun baby" after all?
The rest of my family, my dear sweet family, is just too darn large and numerous to name each beautiful member individually, so to Pop's side I'll just say "See you at the reunion!" and to the maternal side, "Let's go bowling!" Special thanks to my second family, the much smaller the Smith clan: A., M., G., and S., I love you!
BIG hugs go out to the DA Creative Writing Department, in particular Mr. A.M., Mrs. J.J., Mrs. D.D., Dr. V.A. and Dr. W.N. From my friends and editors within rooms 27 and 28: My fly poet soul sister Jordan, for encouraging this germ of an idea from the get-go. The Italian, Amber for keeping my plied with brownies and cupcakes and the other Italian, Tyler, for letting me cry when I needed to and being the best "little brother" any one could hope for. Nina, my punk rocker "communist" stuck in suburbia for getting me to listen to the best records. Myrah, my first editor and favorite writer with a continually broken wrist. I am most definitely not acknowledging Ben...except he made a few good suggestions. Dammit! Thanks also to Justin, one of my only non-writer friends, for listening to me babble half the night, even when he had no idea what I was freaking out about. Go to bed dude.
Final props go out to my middle school, Mr. C.T., FolioWeekly, the Jacksonille Public Library and their awesome staff, the staff of the Improviser, Vinyl Frontier, Uncommom Grounds, the Westside, Chamblin's Bookmine, the Fire Department I know, all my favorite bands, and the authors I adore. Please remove your restraining orders.