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Assignment #44
Make a "LTLYM assignment".

"Photograph & audio record your most frequented spot in your neighbourhood."
Take note of your weekly habits and routine and discover the one corner or spot of your neighbourhood that you pass by or frequent the most during the week; not necessarily your favourite or most interesting spot in the neighbourhood, simply the location that your pass by the most by necessity or habit.
Take a photograph of that spot. While taking the photograph record a 1-minute audio recording of the sounds at that time. Do this a total of four times over a 24 hour period. Preferably take the photograph on the weekday or weekend day that you would normally pass by that location the most.
Label the photographs and audio recordings including the location, time, and date.
Provide an explanation of why your weekly routine takes you past that particular spot more than any other spot in your neighbourhood.
Andres Hannah
Toronto, Ontario CANADA




Saturday - November 24, 2007 @ 7:41 am
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I chose the corner of Charles Street West and St. Nicolas Street in Toronto, near Yorkville. I don't particularly like this corner, but I definitely pass by this corner more than any other in my neighbourhood. On Saturdays I pick up my dry cleaning from the Golden Hanger off to the right. The big grey building to the left is the Manulife Centre. There is a movie theatre on the second floor, the grocery store I attend is in the basement, and there is also a liquor store on the basement floor. The Manulife Centre also has a cheese shop, book store, and post office.
Not shown on the picture, to the left of where I'm standing is Rabba. The nearest ATM for my bank is in the store. Rabba is a great 24 hour store, better than your average convenience store - you could do your full grocery shopping there. To the right of where I'm standing on Yonge Street is the pharmacy I go to. A little bit south of the pharmacy on the opposite side of the street is House of Lords, where I get my hair cut.
Also, straight ahead of where I'm standing to the right and to the left, on Bloor Street, there are two subway stops. Both are accessible through the Manulife Centre as well.
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