Learning To Love You More




Assignment #44
Make a "LTLYM assignment".

"Tell us about your next door neighbor."
Julienne Givot
Oakland, California USA



Write a paragraph outlining what you know about your next door neighbor. Include if and when you have ever met this person (or persons) and how long they have lived next door to you.
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Name: Jose
Lived next door since: 12/03
He's single, about 5' 8", is probably in his mid thirties and wears headphones a lot. When I moved into the building I knocked on his door to introduce myself and give him some fresh made brownies. He took them, didn't say much and closed the door. I felt a little embarrassed but figured maybe he was shy. Later that same day, I had to go back next door to see if I could borrow a phillips head screwdriver. I knocked on the door feeling that fresh brownies maybe deserved a neighborly favor. It took him a while to come to the door and I heard him say "fuck, who the fuck is it" ostensibly to himself because he opened the door right after. I asked him if he had a phillips head screwdriver with a smile, he acted as if I had disturbed something important and said no and repeated another unceremonious door closing. Naturally, that was the last time I went next door for anything. That was a year ago next week and I have learned little more about him since then. I see his shoes and sometimes his umbrella outside the door. I see him on the bus home from San Francisco sometimes too but I have never gotten a nod or even a look of recognition. The rooms of our apartments are situated in such a way that we never hear each other although when both of our balcony doors are open, I can hear his stereo. Mainly it's mainstream hip hop and some gangsta wrap. I'll occasionally see him step onto the balcony when I am out there, but neither of us say anything or even acknowledge each other. We don't bug each other and there is no real reason we should know much about each other. I have a feeling that I am the only one who thinks it's odd to live next door and know next to nothing about each other.