Learning To Love You More




Assignment #44
Make a "LTLYM assignment".

"Make a scrapbook of Lost and Found flyers in your neighborhood."
Jessica Earley
Bradley Beach, New Jersey USA
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Take photos of all the Lost and Found flyers you find around your neighborhood or beyond. Make a scrapbook of them and write a story to go with each that describes how they got lost and what they are doing. While you are spending more time paying attention to the Lost and Found you may come across a match and you can reunite a family.
- - - - - - -
The Plan: Big tall man opens the white door 4 hours after the sun rises to bring in crumply stuff that he looks at for a long time and then puts in the bottom of my privacy box. His legs are open wider than the length of my whiskers when he does this. I can run through them and out into the yard. Then I will find the memory smell from when I was still with my mama.
Day 1/Execution Day: Everything goes as I planned it. He yells the strange sounds to me and says the thing he always says when he wants me to sit with him on the bed, "seezer". He looked scared. I ran away from the smell because I got nervous and forgot my mission.
Day 2: I think the wind is mixing up my direction and swirling the smell into places where it doesnŐt really come from. Little people a lot smaller than the big man have been chasing me and trying to pick me up. They say "Spspspspspsp". I feel hungry.
Day 3: Last night I saw many tiny glowing lights moving in circles through the air. I spent a long time trying to swat one down, and then I finally did, and it just lay there on the grass. I watched it while the light kept flickering in and out. It reminded me of the nights that Big man would watch the box with the moving people, and I would lay and look at the wall and see the flickers that the box would make there. It was from the lights that came from their mouths. Finally it stayed out.
Day 4: I was scratching my nails into a post today and I saw my face. It scared me at first, I thought it was mama. I looked funny, like a little scared maybe. And the table I used to scratch on was there too. It made me miss Big man. I canŐt go back until I find mama. And then I will take her to see Big man. We will follow the scent of the spots that float in the air of the sunlight by my favorite window.