Learning To Love You More




Assignment #40
Heal yourself.

"Brooke's cure for oven burns."
Brooke Manning
Toronto, Ontario CANADA



I guess I didn't technically heal myself, but I discovered this when I burnt my arm on the oven recently. The oven mitts I own are not long enough, and everytime I cook or bake, which is often, I burn myself. I should not say everytime. That is not very accurate. 40 percent of the time, I burn myself. This time, I was making Granny Buns. I was taking them out of the oven and I burnt my forearm (right in the middle) on the oven rack. I really really burnt it. I tried everything to heal the massive wound so that I would not get another massive baking scar. It was healing not so nicely. I was using a lot of vitamin E and it was just a goopy mess. Sitting on the couch, my dog came over and started licking my wound. I let her. I remembered that animals lick their own wounds to promote healing, and they also naturally want to lick their loved ones wounds for the same reason. I did not think this was gross, but rather, quite interesting and loving. She licked my wound for the next two days for two minutes a day and on the third day, it was as if I had never been burnt at all.