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Assignment #40
Heal yourself.

"A Cure for Headaches, Especially Chronic Migraine Headaches"
Joan Kalyan-Curtis
Richmond, Virginia USA



For most of my life I had very painful headaches. When I was in my teens I thought they were sinus headaches since they came most often in the spring, especially when the weather was changing and rain was about to fall. In my 20s I had them less often, perhaps 2-4 times a year, usually when I was under stress or overdid it with coffee or lack of sleep or reading. These headaches took an entire day out of my life, sending me to bed where I did not sleep but rather just felt into the pain in my head. It would make me vomit and afterwards I would be weak and feel as if I had sustained a real injury. I began to fear these headaches. One early summer day in 1997 I got one and when it was over I said to my husband, I have to do something about this, I cannot endure this again.
So we read through the old astro-medico-magical texts and made a list of the healing gemstones purported by the ancients to cure headaches. Thinking that we might not know which one would work, we planned to use several simultaneously. We went to a rock shop, purchased the stones, then I immediately tucked them into the band of a cap so they all touched my head in a ring just above ear level. I wore the hat for several days. Afterwards I carried stones around with me, in my pockets or my purse, just in case. Whenever I was going to be flying in a plane I would carry them. It has been nine years now, and though I have had mild headaches, I have never had another migraine.
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