Learning To Love You More




Assignment #40
Heal yourself.

"Tiger Balm Cures All. (A cure for flu aches)"
Darlene Huynh
Toronto, Ontario CANADA



My vietnamese heritage has taught me that: when in pain, tiger balm cures all. Have a headache? Rub tiger balm on your temples. Stomach pains? Tiger your belly up. Cankersore? Ignore that cockamaney 'for external use only' warning and rub some tiger balm inside your mouth.
This is taking the tiger balm extravaganza to another level. Do this when you feel the flu or a cold coming on. You can also do it once you have the flu if your body is sore.
Note: You will not (should not) bleed from this. And if you're not really sick, it won't get so red. The redder it gets, the sicker you are. It will bruise but will disappear within 24 hours unless you've got really sensitive skin. Do not shower right away. Give it an hour at least.
What you will need:
1 bottle of liquid tiger balm. Find the potent stuff in chinatown.
1 sanitized blunt metal object (ie: a dog tag, a coin, a spoon even? coin is my favorite)
1 friend who is willing to help you.
What to do:
1. Take your shirt off and lie on your stomach
2. Have your friend start at your shoulders and apply tiger balm in a 45 degree line from the middle (your spine) outwards. Use ample pressure. If it hurts, then lessen it up a bit -- but don't expect this to be a walk in the park.
3. Scrape, going in one direction only (ie: only outwards, don't scrape back and forth) your skin.
4. Do this down your back in the formation in the picture shown. Don't do your spine, but it right on the side of your spine. And do that last.
5. Sit through the pain. To some, it may even feel good.
6. Once it' s over, have your friend rub your back a few times over so the tiger balm can permeate into your pores.
I feel like a million bucks after this. It may have something to do with the fact that a. tiger balm reminds me of my mama and b. your body releases pain reliefs from the blunt metal object catastrophe ... and in turn, ends up relieving your flu pain too!