Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

New Haven, Connecticut USA



Me: so what's your deal?
Jen: with what
Me: why are you talking shit?
Jen: about who and what
Jen: who's telling you this
Me: I know you are getting in the middle of things w/ me and Peter that you don't need to and I wish you wouldn't
Jen: i haven't talked to you in a year.
Me: exactly
Jen: You dont even try to talk to me anymore. peter wrote me a message a week ago and i wanted to talk to him
Me: and how am i getting in the middle??
Jen: I dont know your situation and I'm not trying to do anything but keep in touch
Me: you are acting like a messanger
Jen: please explain
Me: like "hey peter did you know zoe broke up with you for Jack" which is pretty malicious and now peter is screaming at me
Jen: from what i understood that was the case. i didnt mean in anyway to get you in trouble. I guess i dont know the story
Me: it's okay. I just wish you wouldn't be like gossiping about it. I'm not trying to hurt his feelings
Jen: from your lj and sergio, thats what i knew. so i assumed. and when peter wanted to talk to me i was just making conversation since you won't talk to me
Me: and I didn't know why you'd want to hurt his feelings
Jen: i thought he knew
Me: okay whatever
Jen: yeah
Me: I'm not mad at you but I wish you wouldn't like gossip about stuff because I'm the one who ends up getting yelled at and having shit written about me in my comments page
Jen: i just wish you kept in touch cause now i had to resort to going by what other people said
Me: well you probably should be careful about that
Jen: and it wasnt my intention to hurt anyone or get anyone in trouble. i wasnt gossiping cause i thought these were all facts that everyone kew
Me:cause peter won't talk to me ever again and I would've liked to be friends with him at some point
Jen: look i had no idea he didnt know. i barely had talked to him for more than 2 minutes its not like im talking shit about you on purpose its hard how you used to be such a good friend to me and then completely stop talking to me
Me: when you do hurtful things people don't want to talk to you
Jen: even before that. This entire thing is a misunderstanding
Me: okayso explain
Jen: from your lj ive known that youve been with jack and i still talk to sergio and he said that you said bye to peter for jack and everyone knew what was going on. peter wrote me a message last week and i called him to say hi and stuff and i asked about you and said that i heard you were with jack cause i thought he knew.Thats pretty sneaky to be doing that behind someones back anyway
Me: i never cheated on Peter but really it's none of your business...like why do you care so much
Jen: then why are you mad at me look if you dont want to be friends just let me know now
Me: it's not really like we have too much of a relationship anymore anyway
Jen: yeah, thanks for never returning my calls
Me: I think you used to be a really nice girl but you got to be kinda malicious
Jen: thanks: and it's not so nice
Jen: when?
Me: like telling Peter his school is stupid, telling me that having blonde hair makes me look slutty and then getting involved in all this stuff
Jen: im sorry that ive said those things
Me: I appreciate you saying that
Jen: i just felt like like the third person all the time toward the end of last year. I was going through tough times with myself but i didnt intentionally mean to cause trouble now
Me: when you have problems you are supposed to talk to your friends about it but Serg and I have always thought you've been really guarded when we've been really open about everything and i'm sorry if you felt like the third wheel but I think that anyone in their right mind knows that you don't call someone up and say hey, sorry Zoe broke up with you for Jack. Anyone knows that's mean, Jen seriously. Like how could you even think anything else.
Jen: it wanst the only thing i said and i did not phrase it like that.
Me: okay Jen, if it makes you feel better to think you are right I'll let you have that one
Jen: to talk about something like that isnt right but was just trying to catch up with pete im not saying im right
Me: I don't feel I need to justify my actions. I just wish you weren't so hurtful because you really hurt my feelings and I definitely expected more from you and like I hope you're happy
Jen: it wasn't my intention to hurt your feelings