Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Gregg Wildenberg
Nashville, Tennessee USA



Voice #1: Are you sure you did that right?
Voice #2: I'm pretty sure, but you know how my mind can roam suddenly.
Voice #1: Yeah, I bet it's frustrating...but seriously, it's very important that you added everything in the proper ratios. If you didn't you're just wasting both of our time. You might as well not even be doing it at all if you're not sure you did it right.
Voice #2: Well shit, I was certain until you interjected, goddamnit.
Voice #1: Well I'm just trying to make sure you didn't fuck up.
Voice #2: Argh! You always do this to me, why the hell can't you just trust my instincts, or at least trust the fact that I'm not a dumbass? I swear, you are so incapable of just letting things go. You used to be so carefree, now your wound so tight I've lost track of who you are.
Voice #1: First of all, how can you trust your instincts if your mind is telling you there is some doubt? Secondly, I may be wound up, but this is very important and I hate wasting time.
Voice #2: I can't believe we're getting into this! Every time I make a move, you question it until I've broken out into cold sweats about the certainty of my actions. I'm through dealing with your shit. I can't even remember what we were arguing about... forget it, you're being a tool, everything's fine, there's nothing to worry about.
Voice #1: Whatever.
Voice #2: Whatever.