Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Sarah Jane
Columbus, Ohio USA



Sarah: These waffles are crispy like toast.
David: You waited too long, they dried out
Sarah: (in a whiney tone): I don't want them
David: Eat them. Put a bunch of syrup on them and cut them up.
Sarah: pokes and cuts at them with a fork)
David: Yea like that
Sarah(whiney tone):I don't want them
(david walks into the other room)
(sarah quickly stuffs a few bites in her mouth)
David: Do you want any more coffee?
Sarah: (still whining): No
(Sarah eats a couple more bites and finishes her coffee)
Sarah: I want more coffee. Is there any more coffee?
David: Yea, I was about to throw it out
(David brings in the coffee, which is in a coffee press, without the lid on it, to strain the coffee grounds)
(David goes to pour it in Sarah's mug while attempting to use his finger to strain the coffee)
(Sarah pushes him away before anything comes out)
Sarah: What are you doing?!?! You need the lid!
David: what the fuck, I thought you wanted coffee.
Sarah: I DO! But not with coffee grounds in it, you need the lid to strain it, get the lid.
(David starts walking into the kitchen)
Sarah: What are you doing?
(david, ignoring)
Sarah: David what are you doing, I want coffee, the mug you gave me is really small.
(david ignoring)
(Sarah can here the water running and dishes clanking)
Sarah: DAVID?!
David: WHAT!?!?
Sarah: What are you doing?
(sarah gets up and walks into the kitchen and sees that david is rinsing out the coffee press)
Sarah: What the heck are you doing? Why would you do that? I told you I still wanted some coffee!
David: Oh well, make some more.
Sarah: But why would you do that when there was some left? I don't want to make more I wanted what was left.
David: Shut up
Sarah: Why would you do that? You didn't have to throw it out you could have just left it there. You knew I wanted more.
David: So make more
(david puts the coffee press in the dishwasher)
Sarah: where is the coffee press
David: In the dishwasher!
Sarah: Why!?
David: Its dirty, I need to wash it
Sarah: but you know I want more coffee and I need it to make coffee. Why would you do that?
(sarah gets the coffee press out of the dishwasher)
Sarah: where is the lid?
David: in the dishwasher
Sarah: I know but where?
Sarah: Its not broken, all you need to do is screw it back in
(referring to the lid of the coffee press, as she picks it up out of the dishwasher)
David: No shit!
(David leaves the room)
Sarah:What happened to the hazelnut coffee!?!?!?