Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Dimitra Markogiannaki



T: Will we move the doors into the little house?
D: Do we have to?
T: Yes, I don't like them there.
D: You can't see them from here.
T: Yes. you can & they're ugly. Do you like them?
D: Yes, I do. I find them pretty.
T: All right then. Let me take a walk in the hood gather every junk I find in the streets & lay it in the garden. How would you feel about that?
D: Sure, I'm in.
T: Do you intend to fix the little house?
D: No, I don't want to bother with it right now.
T: If you're going to fix it, fine. But if not then why can't we move them in?
[Silence. Looking him at the eyes]D: You're such a wimp. Go on let's do it.
Basically it's the window case that shows the most. Let's put this in.
T: A wimp, right.
[ they're putting the window case in arguing about how to move it]
T: How about the rest of the doors?
D: What about them?
T: They're awful can't you see?
D: I don't want them in.
T: Why?
D: I just don't. I am not helping you move them.
T: When I was helping you to move them out it was fine. Ha?
Dimitra does not speak
T: What is your problem?
Dimitra still doesn't speak.
T: All right don't talk. But remember that it will now stay like that.
[. They both leave pissed off]
After a while╔
D: I now have an argument: you see, I don't want the doors in, because like you guys have the studio over there, I want to have my own place in the garden. That over there is yours and this is mine.
T: I just knew it would be something like that. And when do you intend to fix it?
D: I don't know. It's such a dump . You see, it's symbolical.
T: Excuse me. I'm just a little more practical.
D: That's why I got so pissed off with you, because you couldn't see how symbolical it was.