Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Mrs. Bongle



Telephone conversation with ex-boyfriend of 6 months who lives on other side of world.
Larry: Got a fucking awful cough from smoking
me: you're terrible. Why are you smoking? I gave up a few months ago.
Larry: it is your fucking fault remember
me: well you've given up once. Give up again.
Larry: (defensive) i am
me: good to hear it.
Larry: I'm trying that is why i have the cough.
me: good man. cough that shit up.
Larry: hmmm..
me: no one smokes here. You look like a spaz if you do....I transferred that money for you.
Larry: thanks. i want to see you when you are over are you ok with that?
me: yeah of course...looks like it will only be a holiday though..
Larry: (pause) why? Wasn't it going to be longer?
Me: yeah but don't know what's happening with work.
Larry: oh...
Larry: ever considered staying over here longer?
me: not longer than a couple of months....sorry mr bongle...
Larry: i still miss you
me: Larry come on man.. dont do this
Larry: i know.... sorry .... just down at mo.
me: why?
Larry: every one is geting old. 30s blues I think. just off this job after 6 weeks. got the non working depression. it sucks.
me: get another job
Larry: (weird laugh) ..trying. i dont mean to be a pain in the ass...sorry
me: (getting slightly pissed off because our conversations always turn into this no matter what) man when you do have a job you're moaning when you don't you're moaning.
Larry: hey..if I'd known EARLIER you weren't going to come back in January...
Me: if you'd known? I didn't even know! How was I supposed to let you know?
Larry: you knew.
me: I really have to go now - still have loads of prep to do.
Larry: ok speak soon and sorry.
me: jeeeezus man don't say sorry all the time. Listen the only person that can make you happy is you...
Larry: I am dealing with it honest
me: ...not me. not work. not anything.just you.
Larry: just me !!
me: thats right.
Larry: go do some work.
me: ok good night.
Larry: Bye