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Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

Irving, Texas USA



An autobiography of a girl unofficially named Zelda done in an hour and one minute starting at 11:28.
Chapter one: I don't know much about my birth for I was too young therefore incapable of remembering anything. I only know as much as I've been told. I was born via vagina to my mom on the thirteenth day of September. The year was 1992. The location was El Paso. My birth given name is Amanda. I was eventually taken home 176 Pearl Lane, my great grandmother's house.
Chapter two: My first birthday. In El Paso there's a McDonald's trailer that people can have parties in. I had my party there. I have an abundance of photographs from that day, but they're all in a box in storage somewhere. A few years later. I'm talking and walking, and for the most part potty trained. I meet my neighbor's grandson. His name is Adam.
Chapter three: Kindergarten to first grade. My kindergarten teacher became pregnant. There was a girl in that class, she didn't like me in the beginning. I don't remember her name. By the end of that year, we became friends. The next school year we were put in separate classrooms. My friend met a new Amanda and became friends with her. There were too many people in her class, so the teacher skipped her and the new Amanda to second grade. I was jealous. Adam and I become good friends. More than friends. We did things kids should not do, but we didn't know any better. We thought it was merely a game. I moved to Tucson, AZ mid-year. I attended Elvira Elementary.
Chapter four: Second to third grade. I met a girl name Elvira, but she pronounces it differently than how the school name is. She's fat. But nice. I meet a boy named Adam. He reminded me of a child version of Fonzie. I developed a crush on him. I moved to a new school the year. The name is Sam Hughes. My teacher's name is Andy. He had a ponytail and moved to Albuquerque. It was a wonderful school; our education was based around the arts. My mom didn't like our new neighbors, so we moved again. This time we moved to 3731 S. Belmar Avenue. My mom bought me a beautiful German Shepard mix named Max, he was pure white. I attended a new school. In third grade my mom made me switch classes. I was switched into a bilingual class. My teacher went to Norway to visit her parents. When she came back, she brought with her the most delicious candies I've ever tasted. She suggested I get into the G.A.T.E (Gifted and Talented Education), I got in.
Chapter five: Fourth to fifth grade. New school, John E. White Elementary. My new teacher's name is Mr. Barker, and he likes cows. In fourth grade two nice girls, Alexus and Angelique talked to me. We became friends. I was obsessed with Lisa Frank. I met a girl who is as well, but she's the class untouchable. One day, she came to school in overalls that gave her a camel toe. "Nice overalls," I sarcastically commented. "Thanks, they're kind of old." It was only obvious. I started playing soccer. Through soccer I met a girl by the name of Kristina. She is a year younger than me, but we both have the same interests, a developing taste for rock music. The first day I went to her house, I started my period. In fifth grade, Angel and Alexus got into a fight about who knows what and were no longer close. Alexus became closer friends with Marlayna, a liar. I'm was still close to Angel, and Kristina and I became really great friends. My teacher that year was Mrs. Hollins, she had hairy armpits. That year, I had a crush on several boys; there was Rory, Devin (who had gorgeous eyes), Noah (who was an asswhole), and Ayden. My GATE class took an awesome weekend fieldtrip to the observatory on Mt. Lemmon. It was a wonderful experience.
Chapter six: Sixth to eighth grade. The big transition to middle school. I attended Pistor that year. I was in choir. I also was in Jazz Dance. Angel moved to Reno the previous summer. She moved back though. Towards the end of sixth grade, my mom quit her well-paid job, and moved us to Mansfield, TX. I'm bumped down to an intermediate school, Donna Sheppard. I meet four girls; Madison, Emily, Dana, and Delena. Seventh grade year, I'm in middle school again. Worley Middle School. I became closer to those four girls. I became a pill popper. I met Kelsey that year, we both were interested in a boy named Will. He was wonderful, but a year older. Near the end of that year Delena and I got into a fight. She got suspended and sent to an alternative education school for an unrelated event; she brought a knife to school. I was happy. That summer, I developed a serious crush on a guy named Kaley. In the beginning of eighth grade, he asked me out. I said yes. He broke up with me later on for my best friend. I was devastated, and I became suicidal. I cut myself. I popped pills. One night I was more severely depressed than usual, I walked to the train tracks crying with the intention to kill myself. On my way I ran into a guy I used to like, he said a few words to me. I decided not to kill myself. I skipped school the next day. My worried friends went to the councelor. My mom called and I went back to school. We talked. I was taken home. The drama for the most part was over I learned my lesson. I pretty much stopped the pill popping, and I pretty much stopped cutting. Every once in a while I'd have the extreme urge, and I didn't have the will power to stop. That previous drama led to a big fight between my bestfriend and I, a new fight. We stopped talking, but we could only keep ourselves separated for so long, our friendship is strong. We settle our altercation, all is well between us.
Chapter seven: Ninth grade to now. I get to start my freshman year at a brand new high school by the name of Legacy. I had dance first period. I got into the habit of skipping. On most mornings I wasn't into the mood to dance. My friend Kelsey went out with a boy named Tad. Tad lived with Will, the boy Kelsey and I had crushed on earlier. They started a band, Anarchist Monument. They threw a party at Will's house so their band could play their first show. Kelsey and I went. I smoked my first cigarettes there and they were disgusting. A guy by the name of Brian came to the party. He kissed my forehead. He also wanted me to bite him, but I was hesitant at the odd request. He bit me instead. It felt surprisingly good. As I was leaving the party he asked my name, I yelled Zelda as I'm walked away. It felt like a fairy tale. He was just a bit creepy though. That year I meet a guy named Adem, except this one spells his name with an e rather than an a. I developed a strong crush for him. He is a rather perverted guy, and I was the subject of his groping. I didn't mind though, in fact I liked the attention he gave me. I remember once he backed me into a corner. He kissed my cheek and told me he loved me. I thought I had imagined the whole thing. A few weeks later Kelsey asked about it. I didn't imagine it after all, and I regretted not expressing my feelings back. He was a senior, and should have graduated the previous year. Christmas break came. Adem unenrolled from school to get his GED online. I only saw him once after that. My feelings still lingered on. I met someone else name Nick. I accidentally led him on. He asked me to the movies, I said yes. I thought we were going as friends. I heard things about him. "He once forced a girl to give him a blowjob at the movies." I still went. He asked to hold my hand. I have trouble saying no to people, so he held my hand. After the movies he tried to lead to a doorway. He wanted to show me something. Thank heavens the door was locked. He kissed my cheek out of nowhere, so I confronted him and asked if he liked me. "No, I just think you're nice." He became frustrated. He stopped talking to me after our date. Summer came. During summer I moved to Irving, TX. I'm currently attending Ranchview High School. The first day I was miserable because I thrive on socializing, and knew no one. The next day a girl named Brooke talked to me. The day after that she invited me to her table. At that table sat a guy named Adam. I immediately became attracted to him. He's good looking and funny. He's a senior, along with everyone else I talk to. He'll be gone next year, but I'll worry about it when the time comes. Right now, I'll just worry about the present. My life story ends here. I intended write this in an hour and one minute, but I exceeded that limit by four minutes. My life story is not very organized, and things are thrown in at random. Much like the way my life is.