Learning To Love You More




Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

Little Mouse
Austin, Texas USA



I was born in the Rocky Mountains during the fall of 1985. I had a dog and a cat and a mom and a dad. We moved to Texas where my little sister was born. I remember holding her, me being only three years old. We moved a lot when I was little. My first best friends were twins- Pretty Woman was our first R-rated movie to watch (we had to skip the piano scene) and we took ballet and tap together. I moved in second grade and befriended a girl who would throw love bugs in boys' faces with me. In third grade, she was in my class again and we were the meanies. She pulled seats out from under boys, while I hit them on the head with rolled paper. We moved to the same city years later, but I never see her anymore. In 4th and 5th grades, I made friends with my new neighbor across the street. She was very mean, but we both liked Nintendo and painting our fingernails. We got attacked by yellow jackets on her birthday and found a secret treehouse down the street. In 6th grade, I joined band and was really good. My best friend today was in band and history with me- we laughed a lot. In mid-7th grade, I moved to another city where no one liked me and I sat alone every lunch. I rode the bus with boys I deemed "CSB"- cigarette smoking boys, after CSM- the cigarette smoking man from the X-Files. They were the only kids who were nice to me and I had a crush on one of them. In 8th grade, a new girl moved and I became her friend. Her dad builds malls across the country and I was the first to go into one before it opened. I moved back to my old city mid-8th grade and made friends with a girl whom is still my best friend. One of the popular boys from my 4th and 5th grade classes gave me high fives and was always nice to me. In 9th grade, I marched my first football game- I hated band. I had a crush on a senior who wore cool t-shirts. He's been my boyfriend now for two years. In 12th grade, I was the section leader for band. I liked yelling at the other members. I graduated, went to college, dropped out, did drugs, moved to a new city, moved to my old city, got a tattoo, re-enrolled in school, and moved once again. I was an uncomfortable girl, but now I am comfortable with my awkwardness.