Learning To Love You More




Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

Aimee Holt
Danville, Illinois USA



I was born in landstuhl, germany. My dad was in the airforce and my mom did nothing. We lived in Germany for two years after I was born. So I don t remember a thing! Later we moved to Collinsville, Illinois. I went to preschool there. All that I remember from there was that the preschool center had kick butt toys and there was a track where you could ride bikes and tricycles! There were the huge building blocks that you could make forts out of. Everyone says that they remember nap time..but I don t think we ever had one. We left in the middle of the year when I had just turned 4...my birthday is February 24th, 1985. We then moved to Montgomery, Alabama. My mom started working at a bank and then I went to a babysitter for the first time. I remember kicking and screaming whenever I got dropped off and I would have to sit in time out for an hour which was fine because I hated the place anyway. I only went to that babysitter for a little bit only because I started coloring on the walls and the babysitter hated me. Then I went to Miss Jenny s. I remember Miss Jenny had really long brown hair. Like down to her butt. She would always sit and let me brush it. I remember once that I told her she needed to mop her kitchen floor. She didn t think this was very nice and I got in trouble for saying that from both Miss Jenny and my parents. I remember I always had a problem with interrupting people. I would always get yelled at for it. I started Kindergarten in Montgomery. I remember the school was HUGE and the kindergarten was a separate building from the rest of the school and that it had a walk way but there was a covering kind of like a roof for the sidewalk. The kindergarten building was shaped like an octagon. Every class room had a certain animal assigned to them. Like one class was the tigers and my class, we were the dolphins. I remember I loved everything that had to do with dolphins from that point on. I had my first best friend, her name was Latisha. I never noticed the difference in the color of our skin until I asked my mom one day why I was white and Latisha wasn t. That same year I had my first slumber party! I don t remember much but I do know that we went to Chuckee Cheese s. Which was my favorite place in the entire world when I was 6. I remember I got my first little kiss at that age. His name was Henry and he live on the Air Force base as well. It was in my friend s backyard and I have him a peck on the lips. I know I was really young! But afterwards I felt so guilty. I don t know why either. One day I had to go to the bathroom really bad and I ended up peeing my pants in front of the entire school. My dad was color blind and he brought me a pink and white shirt and red corduroy pants. Yeah, I was pretty embarrassed. By little brother Scotty was born when I was in kindergarten also. My dad and I would always wrestle around and when Scotty was a little bit older like around one year old, he would scream and cry because he thought dad was hurting me. We stayed in Alabama for my First grade year too. I sat across the table from a boy named josh, and we talked ALL the time. We were always in trouble for talking. My best friend that year was Nina because Latisha s dad had been transferred. Nina and I were supposed to do a talent show that involved the whole school and we were going to do a ballet dance to the song from The Beauty and the Beast. She ended up not doing it and telling me THE day of the talent show...so I did it by myself. I wore my purple and white ballet costume and got up on stage and danced my little heart out! Since I was so young, I couldn t compete in the talent show but I could perform which was fine with me. After first grade, we moved to Hoopeston, Illinois, which is where both of my parents are from. My dad retired from the Air Force and we moved in with my grandparents for a little while. My Aunt Susan was going through a divorce and her and my cousin Anna and my family both lived and grandma and grandpa s house. My mom and grandma didn t get along very well and neither did my cousin and I. We ended up moving out abruptly because my mom and grandma got into it about something which to this day I don t even know what it was about. So we moved to a big house right by my school. I didn t have many friends because as I got older I got a little shyer each year. My cousin Anna was always the popular one anyway and I just chose not to compete with her, and it s always a competition with her. It still is and we are 21 years old. In third grade I had my first boyfriend, Aaron Fell. We were off and on until about senior year of high school. Haha, strange how things happen. My teacher was Mrs. McCoy and she had us do a whole bunch of activities. We had Nation Day. Each student picks a country and we have to do something for it. Like people made food that was native to that country or people made displays and showed things that came from that country. Naturally, I had Germany. We also did a play and invited every other third grade class to watch. I was the Introduction...I just read like the substory and the setting for which the play takes place. I don t really remember much from third grade or fourth grade except that my mom announced that she was pregnant again. My brother Chase was born I think my fifth grade year. My fifth grade year my teacher told me he thought I would be a sweet and nice young lady, instead I m a spoiled rotten little brat. My teacher hated our class and called up some of the students parents and told them that he was retiring from teaching because of their teacher. Sure enough the last week of school he announced he was retiring. In sixth grade my parents told me that they were getting a divorce. I took it pretty hard. I had a nervous break down when I was 11. My mother tried committing suicide by taking a whole bottle of aspirin. I remember her crying all the time. To this day whenever she cries I get this really sick feeling in my stomach. I don t know what it is but I just get really uncomfortable. So my dad and his new girlfriend were introduced to me and my brothers as a couple. I hated her on sight. I didn t start getting along with her until just a few years ago. I wnet to see a Psychiatrist and a social worker for the school. You now the one s that listen to you if you have problems and stuff. Well I told her everything she was the only one that I talked to about everything. She went back and told my dad and his girlfriend everything that I said. To this day I don t trust anybody like that. I keep things to myself unless it s absolutley necessary. When I was thirteen I had to go to court for the custody hearing. I told the judge point blank that I wanted to stay with my mother because I hated my now stepmother. Nothing really exciting happened when I was fourteen and fifteen. I was a cheerleader and involved in school like with yearbook and I did show choir. When I was sixteen I got my license and two months later I got into my first wreck. I was at a party and drunk and somebody said something mean to me so I hopped in my car and tried to take off. I also got my heart broken for the first time when I was 16. Lets just say I gave this boy something that meant a lot and he never talked to me again. I thought I loved him. After that all kinds of rumors started about me. Senior year in high school was probably about the most fun I had all through high school. The week of graduation my friend got really mad at me because I was sitting on my friend s knee which happened to be her ex boyfriend and I wasn t allowed to take any pictures with any of my friends on graduation because she wouldn t let them so I have no pictures with any of my friends during graduation. She finally apologized for that later though. My first semester at DACC sucked! It still sucks. I ve changed majors three times already but I think I m going to stick to the one I m with right now. I fell in love for the first time. I met a guy named David and I was with him for two years. I thought we were going to get married until I found out he was cheating on me with his ex and he was really into cocaine. All of this was fun to find out! I started to like somebody else that would come and see me at work and one day me and david got into a really big fight about me staying the night at my dad s house and I just left. I officially broke up with him two days later. That was only a few months ago I think like three. I m friends with the one guy that used to come into the store but thats it. So there is my life story in a little more than an hour!