Learning To Love You More




Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

Page Greene
McComb, Mississippi USA



My name is page greene. I am from a small town named maringouin. I have three older brothers whom I love and adore. When my parents divorced it changed our family dramatically, which I will tell you about in my life story. Maringouin is a small town outside of Baton Rouge. It's a good town to raise a family, it brings everyone closer together. Growing up in maringouin I was always surrounded by people whethere it was family or friends someone was always around. Because I was brought up in a small town it really made my brothers and I extremely close, which was really nice to have when our parents divorced in 1994. This was a trying time for everyone. When I was in the fourth grade my mother decided to move my brothers and I to Mccomb, Mississippi. I really hated the thought of leaving everything I knew around me for something completely different, but the move really turned out to be for the best. I really grew to love mccomb and will always consider it my home. Mccomb is if not more perfect than just as perfect as maringouin. It was a growing place for my family. However with the good comes the bad. My grandfather died a year or so after we moved to mccomb. It was a real heart wrenching time. During this hard period I began to lose focus in school and my grades really suffered, but what saved me was a church trip I went on after accepting Christ into my life I felt transformed. I knew I needed to change and become the person God wanted me to be. I have since graduated from highschool and now am attending Baton Rouge Community College which I love.