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Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

Christine Baccante
Farmville, Virginia
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I was born in Fairfax VA on November 14, 1981. I was born earlier than I was supposed to be. I was almost born on Friday the 13th, but my mother refused to have me on that day. So I was born at 12:20 AM in Fairfax Hospital. I didn't sleep at all the first year of my life. My parents say that they took a picture of every time I slept. They claim there are only three of them, and that's all we have found, so apparently it was true. I grew up in the same house, and never moved. I had a cousin who was my age and one who was four years older but shared the same birthday with me. We grew up together even though they lived in New York we visited a lot.
My brother was 13 when I was born and graduated from high school in 1986 when I was five. I went to preschool at a small school near my house. I don't remember the name of it, but I only went to preschool there. After preschool, I attended Kindergarten and first grade at another school, but it was farther away from my house, it was in Manassas. It was a fairly small school as well, but not as small as my preschool. I remember the kid who sat in front of me kept eating paste every time the teacher would hand it out. When I was six years old, I became an aunt. My brother and his wife had a son; his name was Collin. I remembering thinking it was really cool to be an aunt at so young an age because no one else in my class was an aunt.
The next year they had a daughter, and I had a nephew and a niece. I attended a small private school for second grade through seventh. I liked this school; it was different from my previous two schools. I met some interesting kids there who were my age. I enjoyed going to school there. In second grade I had my first crush. There was a little kid who sat in front of me who really liked me. He used to write notes and leave the toys from his McDonald's happy meals in my desk. He was actually a really sweet little kid. I sometimes wonder where he is now. He kissed me once behind the gym at recess one day. This was my first kiss, but it wasn't my first real kiss. I had that one in high school.
I enjoyed elementary school and middle school, especially field trips. I remember a few I had with the same group of kids in my class. I will never forget the one to the Air and Space Museum where one of the girls got sick and threw up right in front of that Apollo Module that is right inside the big front doors. It was awful. I think she must have had a stomach bug or something. She was ok, but it was not pleasant. I felt sorry for the chaperones of the trip.
In third grade we went to the Baltimore Aquarium. The school gave us these glow-in-the-dark bandanas with the name of the school on them so they could find us in the parts where there were black lights. This one kid decided to take his off and the teachers and parents went crazy trying to find him. He was in some major trouble when they found him.
We had a few more exciting field trips, not too many though. In seventh grade we dissected a cow heart in science class. It was really kind of freaky at first because none of us had done this before. But it turned out not to be so bad, although one girl threw up. Seventh grade was pretty uneventful. I was home schooled for eighth grade, and then attended a small high school before finishing up my last three years at the same high school my brother attended. In 1995, my brother's family adopted a baby girl and I had another niece.
A lot of the teachers that were there when my brother attended there were still there when I attended there. It was actually kind of cool. My sophomore year of high school I was a bit of a rebel. I received many detentions and had a few Saturday detentions. This one group of kids that I had Saturday detention with had it so often that the woman in the front office wrote "Good Morning Breakfast Club" on our detention slips. I came extremely close to getting suspended and maybe even expelled, but I didn't.
I straightened out my junior year because I realized I needed to graduate. I tried to get as few detentions as possible. I barely passed Algebra II but finally made it through the year and got to senior year. I could not wait to graduate at this point. I was so sick of high school. I raised my grades to compensate for my not so good SAT scores and graduated in May of 2000. I had been accepted at Longwood College a few months before and after a summer of working, I headed off to Longwood College to pursue a degree in Technical Theatre.
At first, I really wanted to transfer, but by sophomore year, I really did not wan to leave. I had become attached to it. Once I had made friends and got used to it, it was not so bad. I moved onto the Globe Hall my sophomore year and still live there. I plan to live there my senior year as well. I began working in the theatre department as soon as I arrived at Longwood. I worked on almost every production and am currently on construction crew and I am Sound Board Op for our first fall production, Twelfth Night.