Learning To Love You More




Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

Daina Adams
Lexington, Kentucky USA



I was born in 1967,in Kansas City, MO. My father had just entered into the F.B.I after working at Ford.It had moved from Oklahoma where my parents come from.My dad still drives Ford's.I always imagine my fathers entry into the F.B.I as some kind of discovered thing.Like a muse in some cafe.Oh-you look the part!Hey son-why don't you give me a call!I know it wasn't like that.Anyway- my dad went off to Quantico and they were transfered to Birmingham- and then Pikeville,KY!I don't much remember Pikeville.I was young. But I do remember my playmates mom telling me about the haints that lived in her house and being scared.The way my mom dressed like a blonde Jackie O-the little Sandy river below us where my dad caught giant catfish that I thought were monsters.Having to wear a leash.And running away at age three to a hardware and plumbing store.Asking my dad to bring home a baby robber.We moved to Lexington when I was four. Things were not nearly so interesting but more manicured I suppose.I met Kristen. My friend with flame red hair. She was two.And I had this pink searsucker outfit with a lamb on it that I was fond of.We moved from one side of town to the other-and I started Kindergarten.My baby brother-Sean- was born.So that made three kids and two parents.Family complete.My older sister LeeAnne.ME.and Sean.I went to first grade and lost my cool so my mom pulled me out- and I got to stay home and watch Captain Kangaroo for the rest of the year. My mom starts going to school and working. She becomes a basketball referee.In my second first grade I'm more mature.A boy in my class gets hit by a car and dies.I hear the announcement on the loudspeaker.I go to my teacher to ask where Mitchell is. And she says-Dead- but thats not good enough for me. I sit under the bushes during recess.Walking home from school my 10 year old sister says she would have given her life for Mitchell.I'll never forget that. Throughout elementary we become latch key kids- and nothing is too exciting until 7th. grade starts.Buying all the clothes to start juinor-high.The chinos,topsiders, buttondowns- and of course peroxide in the summer for the hair!My friend Meredith taught me that.I started cheerleading in a parks and recreation league and sucked at first so would go home crying. I learned to jump high though- and by the end of 7th. grade made the junior high team.This was a huge deal to me. I remember the elation I felt at Sir Pizza during the celebration.I remember my powder blue try-out shorts and my lightblue and yellow stripes matching top.A few guys asked me out. The thought of dating at that age was freaky-but I "went"with one guy which is halarious because I never did go anywhere with him, not even to a movie.And a 7th. grader asked me out. He later ended up torn between medical school or pitching for the Cicinatti Reds.Anyway, by this time my parents are divorced.I start highschool at HenryClay.I'm kind of excited because it is the 80's and my friend Meredith is looking out for me at Henry Clay.This is important-because I am very shy.Anyway my mom is coaching track at Indiana State and asks me to move there.So I do it. IT is miserable.The town smells llike sulphur and highschool is a misery.BUT then- I meet Jeanette!From Arhus,Denmark.She has this real cool flock of Seagulls hair and is real tall.Dresses different than my redneck classmates.(Sorry if your from there.)So I decide to go to there.After the school year I go to Vejle for the summer.Its on a fijord.We also go to Norway on vacation where the air tastes good. After that experience I end up back in Lexington and dive full on into looking like an 80's semi punk-newwave kind of child.This is quite exciting to me. Though I wasn't wild. Just in my eyes tres fashionable. During my juinor year I move back to Indiana and go to Denmark for a year.I love the people I met there.Dominic, Fiona,Lars, Russell, Mette- and of course from my old host-family Alice. It's in Alborg on the limfjord.Duess Wineceller for beer after school.Lots of bus and bicycle rides- and icecream like you've never had and big hotdogs wrapped in Frenchbread called a Fransk.Anyway after that year I went back to Kentucky- and senior year.Dated Pat.A Mod.A cool guy with a vespa and started making comics. Met my friend Linda Carter. Moved to L.A.When I was 21 and met my friend Amy Albany. Who later wrote a good book called "Lowdown-Jazz, junk and other fairytales from Childhood."After a year in L.A. and working in a bookstore I went back to KY.And worked- and went to India with the architecture school for 4 monthes. At this time I want to be a writer- but after India apply to architecture school.At this time my mom is sick w/ cancer. I go to architecture school for 4 years and drop out after she dies. The last ten years have been "lost" years for me. I have lived all over the country.The best part was a little cabin on the Ogeechee River outside of Savannah.I've seen and felt ghosts and sad things- touched a few happy moments and now I'm back in my hometown.I'm starting all over again and beginning to look at my life in terms of mythology.