Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Richard Keirsbilck
Rochester, New York USA



It was a sunny summer day, and it was a Saturday that I go over my father's. We owned a go-kart, and would often head over to my cousins to ride go-karts and dirt bikes in his woods. We packed up the go-kart and went to his house. After riding around in the usual short circle track for a while, I asked my dad if I could go all the way down the trail because I have never gone that far before. He said yes, but to hurry up so I don't miss dinner. This was very fun to me because if felt like exploring. Coming to a fork in the trail once in a while, I had to remember which one I went down so i could get back. I came across a weird metal thing in the road which looked sharp, so I made sure I went around so it wouldnt pop my tires. When I noticed that I couldn't see the sun anymore, I turned around and headed back. I had fogotten about the metal thing so I almost hit it. Thinking that it might do damage to someone else's go-kart or dirtbike, I hopped off my go-kart and walked over to it. It was cut up, and a peice was dangling off of it. I realized how sharp it was, so I picked it up very carefully amd threw it far away from the trail. While I was throwing it, the dangling peice wipped back and cut my wrist. Terriffied, I wrapped it up in my shirt I was still wearing, and drove back to my cousins house steering with one hand. When I got back, I walked into the kitchen where my dad was, and showed him my wrist. He glanced at it and frantically yelled what happened to your stomach?! He thought that something happened to my stomach because my shirt was so bloody. After he furiously lifted my shirt to make sure, he tended to my wrist. I had to apply pressure to it for the rest of the night, and left a bandage on it for a couple of days, until i had the nerve to look at it. The wound eventually healed into a permanent scar, which I will have for the rest of my life.