Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Moon DeMorentiis



I had this really big birthmark on my left elbow. When I was a baby it covered the better half of my left underarm that's how big it was in proportion to my limbs.
Whenever people would take pictures of me, I made sure that it could not be seen. It wasn't that I was ashamed of it or anything like that. Matter of fact is, I always considered it my trademark, something that made me special. Other people, however, especially other kids, were usually disgusted. You got cancer? or Is that contagious? were the usual responses to my birthmark.
I had my birthmark removed when I was eleven years old. The dermatologist worried that it could heighten my risk for skin cancer. They gave me about eight local anesthetic shots into and around the area of my birthmark and then strapped my arm down so they could cut it out. Although i was determined to watch I couldn't stand the sight for long.
It's strange, when you see that scalpel coming down on your skin and you brace yourself for the pain and then there is nothing...no pain at all. It seemed like they were cutting into somebody else's skin.
The birthmark was really big and they had to tuck the skin together to close up the wound again, that's why the skin is so stretched out. I wish I had some photos of the various stages my scar went through. It started out all bloody and raw, then changed to deep purple, to purple-green, yellowish and then after about two years it resumed the more unobtrusive color it has now.
Most of the nerve endings in this area are damaged and I get a strange and fuzzy feeling when I touch it. But I really like my scar...it's my new trademark.