Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

T.L. Buster
Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA



I have a few interesting scars, but this one on my left arm is the most noticeable and noteworthy. As a child I had a raised mole on my arm that my parents thought was ugly. They always felt that I was ugly in general and so anything they could do to "help" my appearance they did. This beautiful small perfect mole plagued them to the point of bringing me in for removal surgery. It would have been better to leave well enough alone, because the doctor didn't full get the entire mole under the surface and it grew back 1000 times uglier than it ever was originally. About 2 years later I was back to the doctor, but this time for more invasive surgery to make sure they got it all. I felt like I was having a tumor removed (interestingly enough I had my eigth grade innoculations and my ears pierced besides this surgery all on the same day--talk about glutton for punishment) it hurt so bad. After the doctor was convinced she got it all she had to suture my arm with three layers of stitches because of its location and how deep she had to cut into my arm. She promised me that it would heal nicely, but instead I gained what I can only refer to as my "cat's eye" scar. It is shaped just like a large cat's eye and even has a stretched out freckle in it to add to the eyeball effect. The moral of this story is leave well enough alone and stop being so concerned about appearances to the point of making matters worse than they were to begin with.